Frequently Asked Questions about TaxiPay™

TaxiPay™ is a Mobile Web Based App that enables you to Pay your Taxi fare using your phone! With TaxiPay™ you avoid all the Change hassles that other cash payers experience. Plus, with TaxiPay™ you can  also Send Money; Buy Airtime/Data/Electricity/Lotto all on your phone! It’s a modern way of transacting.

Head to and register. It is quick and easy!

To use TaxiPay™ , you will require a smartphone.

No, TaxiPay™ is a Mobile Payment App that facilitates digital payments. TaxiPay™ works with South African Registered Banks to ensure your money is safe & can be used on TaxiPay™.

To that end, TaxiPay™ has partnered with Nedbank MobiMoney Wallet. As a TaxiPay™ user, you will Create/Link your Nedbank MobiMoney Wallet within the TaxiPay™ App. Once this is done, and you have topped up your Wallet, you will be able to pay any & all TaxiPay™ Registered Taxi Traders; Informal Traders & other Commuters & general Users.

No. You can register and use the MobiMoney Account without a bank account.

You can deposit money into your MobiMoney Account at any Nedbank deposit-taking ATM or at the following nationwide retailers:

·      Shoprite

·      Cambridge

·      Makro

·      Builders Warehouse

·      Game

·      Top it Up

All you need to do is tell the cashier that you want to do a Nedbank MobiMoney Deposit (aka “Pay@ bill payment”). If asked asked for the account number, use 11111 + the cellphone number you want the cash to go to, eg 11111 084 123 4567, and the amount.

You will get a till slip to confirm the deposit and the recipient will get an SMS.

  • Minimum transaction amount is R50.
  • Maximum transaction amount is R5 000.

NB! Once you Wallet is topped up, please refresh your TaxiPay™ App and your new Balance will reflect.

Press Cardless Transactions >> MobiMoney Deposit >> Enter recipients MobiMoney cellphone number (yours if you are topping your own wallet) >> Enter your cellphone number (as depositor) >> Enter your reference >> Confirm Details >> Deposit Confirmation >> take your slip.

NB! Once you Wallet is topped up, please refresh your TaxiPay™ App and your new Balance will reflect.

Sign into your TaxiPay™ App via and on your Home Page, click “Pay” >> Enter TaxiPay™ Merchant Number or Click QR Code tab & scan a QR Code >> Enter Amount >> Confirm Payment Confirmation if satisfied >> Enter your Nedbank “Approve-it” 5 digit Pin >> Submit Pin

Sign into your TaxiPay™ App via and on your Home Page, click “Shop” >> Select your preferred Service and follow prompts

Sign into your TaxiPay™ App via and on your Home Page, click “Send Money” >> Select your preferred Service and follow prompts.

You can Send money to Cellphone & to a TaxiPay™ Number.


For ATM withdrawals

On your TaxiPay™ App, click on your Main Menu (top right corner) and select “Withdraw” from the drop down list, then ‘Enter Amount’ you wish to withdraw & click “Confirm”. Once confirmed, you will be asked to “Approve-it” by entering your 5 digit wallet pin. Once that’s done, you will then receive a one-time voucher code that expires after 30 days. At the Nedbank ATM, select Cardless transactions and then Cardless withdrawal. Enter your voucher number followed by the one-time PIN you received via SMS and then select Withdraw. You will be asked to enter the amount you want to withdraw. You will also receive an SMS from Nedbank confirming the transaction.

For retailer withdrawals

Go to a till at any of the Nedbank Partner Retailers and ask for a Nedbank Cardless Withdrawal. You will be asked for the voucher number and be ready to enter the four-digit PIN on the Retailer P.O.S Keypad.


NB! Once you have withdrawn funds from your Wallet, please refresh your TaxiPay™ App and your new Balance will reflect.

You can withdraw money from your MobiMoney Account at any Nedbank ATM or at the following nationwide retailers:

·      Checkers

·      Checkers Hyper

·      Shoprite

·      Usave

·      House and Home

·      OK Foods

·      OK Furniture

For any TaxiPay™ related matters, please Contact us on

TaxiPay™ is Free to Users.

All TaxiPay™ Payments to Drivers; Traders & other TaxiPay™ users using the TaxiPay™ App are free of charge.

Nedbank MobiMoney may charge transaction fees on Withdrawals & the Send Money service to Non-TaxiPay™ Users.

Yes, because TaxiPay™ is a web based App, you can login into TaxiPay™ from any smart mobile phone or computer.

There’s no need to deactivate your TaxiPay™ App. You can simply login or reset password from your new device.

Frequently Asked Questions - Nedbank Specific

Nedbank MobiMoney is a wallet-based account that anyone with a South African identity number and a cellphone can open anywhere in South Africa.

TaxiPay™ has partnered with Nedbank to enable TaxiPay™ Commuters to use the Nedbank MobiMoney Wallet directly from the TaxiPay™ App.

It’s easy to open – there’s no paperwork, no queuing and no need to visit a branch.

Once you’ve registered on TaxiPay™ App via https://www.TaxiPay™.io you will be asked to “Create/Link Wallet” i.e. If you have an existing Wallet with Nedbank, you can then Link it on TaxiPay™. If you do not have a Nedbank MobiMoney Wallet, not to worry, you can then “Create Wallet” directly from your TaxiPay™ App.

For any MobiMoney Wallet related queries, Get in touch with Nedbank by calling the Nedbank Contact Centre on 0800 555 111.

There is no monthly fee for this account – you’ll pay only for some transactions. To view our fees, dial the USSD string *120*002#, choose Help and then Fees. They are also available at

  • Deposit money at a Nedbank ATM for free, up to R4 000, thereafter you pay R5 per R100.
  • Withdraw money from a Nedbank ATM. The first withdrawal a month is free, thereafter you pay R10 per withdrawal.
  • Send money from a MobiMoney Account to any cellphone number at R10 per transaction.

Pay your accounts like DStv, Truworths, Telkom, your SABC TV licence, Mr Price and Mr Price Money) for R5 per transaction.

Maximum amount held in a MobiMoney Account at any time for partially verified clients – R24 000.

Maximum amount held in a MobiMoney Account at any time for fully verified clients – no limit.

• Daily withdrawal limit – R4 000.
• Daily payment limit – R4 000.
• Daily prepaid airtime, data and electricity, Lotto and Poweball
• Quick Pick, Hollywoodbets vouchers limit – R1 000.
• Daily cardless withdrawal or cash voucher limit – R5 000.

Please note: You will have to increase your limit to R5 000 at any Nedbank branch, on the Money app or on any online banking channel as the default limit of R2 500 will still apply. A limit of R4 000 will apply for MobiMoney clients who do not meet FICA requirements

You can make multiple MobiMoney transfers to the same number in a day, as long as you do not exceed the daily limit of R5 000.

No, you can only register with one cellphone number and one South African identity number.

Yes, you can register for and use MobiMoney even if you’re not a Nedbank client.

Call the Nedbank Contact centre on 0800 555 111 and give yours and the sender’s cellphone numbers, the pay code, date and transaction amount. The Nedbank Contact Centre will then escalate the case to the MobiMoney support team for investigation.

No minimum balance is required

Log in to Online Banking, select Transact, Pay, Single Payment, whom would you like to pay, Pay to a mobile number, and enter the amount you want to send and the cellphone number to which you want to send it. The minimum transaction amount is R10.

Call the Nedbank Contact Centre on 0800 555 111.