Make Payment

Pay for your trip with a safe, secure, and fast method. No more hassle.

Buy Prepaid

TaxiPay™ offers users access to prepaid services. Buy electricity, spend at local shops and more!

Send Money

Send money to anyone, fast and easy through the TaxiPay™ and Nedbank Mobiwallet.

Commuter Insurance

Get the industry's best insurance cover, instantly. Safeguard the future for you and your family.

How TaxiPay™ Works

We have created an entirely integrated digital ecosystem for commuters to more effectively interact with their daily stakeholders. The app itself also allows drivers to more efficiently deal with fares, avoiding the hassle of dealing with cash.

Corporate and Investment

The TaxiPay™ ecosystem welcomes corporate partners, affiliates and investors who are looking to contribute and get involved.

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